Oakwoods have made the decision to install a defibrillator on the front our building for peace of mind for our employees. If the worst were to happen, we know we have the required medical equipment to give the best chance of a positive outcome. 

- A defibrillator can increase a persons chance of survival by as much as 80%.

- Our staff have been trained to use the defibrillator, however, the equipment provides clear verbal instructions when in use giving anybody who may need it, the information they require to use it safely, and effectively. 

We also chose to install our defibrillator OUTSIDE of our offices so that ANYONE in the COMMUNITY can access it at any time if needed.
In an emergency the 999 call operator will give you the code and location of the defibrillator. Oakwoods place high value on ensuring the safety of not only our employees, but those in our local community.